How to send us Google Street View Images

Letterfest Personalised House PortraitIf you ever want to order one of our Personalised House Portraits as shown above or My Favourite Place Illustrations but don’t have a photo of the location in question, then fear not for all you need do is log on to trusty Google Maps and follow these easy instructions.

Step 1: Log on to and type in the address of the property as indicated below.

Letterfest Google Map1

Step 2: Click on the “More” button as shown here and select “Street View”

Letterfest Google Map2

Step 3: To find the exact location of your house – click on the arrow, on the road, in the direction of the property in question. Keep clicking on the arrow until you find the building or view that you need.

Letterfest Google Map3

Step 4: This is the important bit! When you have located the property, click on the “Print” symbol as shown here.

Letterfest Google Map4

Step 5: You will now have the image we need to draw your illustration. Please copy and paste the HTML web address shown in the address bar into an email and send to us! It is as easy as that.

Letterfest Google Map5

This is a great way to find a wedding venue, church, iconic building or even view that is special to someone.  It could be a house that you used to live in or the house your friends on the other side of the country have just moved into. Now you know how you can get hold of an image, the possibilities are endless!