Letterfest Loves…Upcycling

reupholstered chair

We recently upcycled up an old, and pretty uncomfortable it has to be said, armchair.  Our friend is setting up a business where she uses lovely welsh blankets to re-upholster furniture. She gave our old chair a new lease of life with this neutral coloured blanket and now we use it all the time.  It is almost too pretty to sit in now and looks great in our living room. Skills like upholstery are more and more sought after now that we are trying to recycle more and waste less.  We recommend finding a local upholsterer to breathe new life into your old furniture. That unassuming chair that belonged to your Gran can look completely different and really modern with a new fabric. You still retain all the craftsmanship of the chair frame but tailor it to your taste with your choice of material.

Upholstered chairThis example of a very ornate wooden dining chair, that has been brought well and truly into the 21st century, caught our eye.  It just goes to show that modern and period styles mix really well. Such an abstract print might not have been the first choice for such a chair but look at the result.  Found on Spruce.


 Atomic Attic have upcycled old suitcases into these very original dog beds. We can see Travis on one of these in Lettefest HQ, although we are not sure if you get suitcases long enough to house his legs..?

cloth-upcycled-furniture_610x406_02Australian company, Matilda have used hessian sacks with interesting type to restore this stool.  Great for a seaside home, a bit like ours actually!