Behind the scenes

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We get asked quite often how we create our personalised illustrations – whether its a wedding venue, family home or favourite place. So we thought we would give you a little insider knowledge on what happens to your hand drawn portraits behind the doors at letterfest HQ.

  • 1Our talented illustrators hand draw your image from the photograph supplied by you. They take into account any special requests you may have made, taking out unsightly features etc.

Step 2 scanned drawings

  • Their drawings are then scanned on to the computer and the manipulated in Adobe Photoshop to ensure good contrast for the next step in the process.

Step 3a - image trace

  • Our skilled artworkers take over at this point and your drawing is taken into Adobe Illustrator. It is placed on the correct sized template and then has our special filter run over it to ensure we get good clean line reproduction. They then manually colour your image using our tried and tested palette of muted shades.

Step 3b - add colour 1


Step 3c - add colour 2

  • Finally your personalised text is added
  • At this stage if you’ve requested a proof we will screenshot your drawing and send you a proof for approval. If not, we will give it a final check over before printing to art paper and sending down to our dispatch team for mounting, framing and packing.

Step 4 - add text

 If your interested in buying one of the beautiful illustrations we offer there are plenty to choose from in lots of different style. Please feel free to head on over to to take a look or just follow the link below .


Welcome to the world of detail

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If you have not already seen or heard about our detailed illustrations we create here at Letterfest you need to keep reading.

Most people have their own style, quirks or features they love about their home and lot of our products we created here have a contemporary feel, however, not everyone has the the same vision when it comes to decorating their home. This is where our detailed illustration comes in. We like to think of it as a more traditional, classic look about it that will suit just about everyone.

Our normal house portraits have beautiful soft colours like duck blues and greens, this detailed portrait is black and white so can fit in with most colour schemes. It includes textures such as brick and roof tiles and some of the surrounding landscape, a big contrast to the house portraits which are a more simplified drawing of the photograph we’ve been provided with.

Still not convinced……. ? take a look at some examples of previous work.


Its a beautiful drawing of someone’s home based on a photo provided by you, hand drawn by artists working in North Devon. The drawing uses detailed linework to illustrate the different materials and textures of the building.


Each detailed portrait can take our illustrator up to a day to draw so the time and care is really taken with each individual order.


Its hand drawn black & white drawing of the property, not a computer generated image, so we can add or remove things you don’t want eg: cars, lamp posts, and we won’t include elements such as dustbins, satellite dishes etc. We sketch the view from the photograph (ie the same perspective) and include textures such as brick and roof tiles and some of the surrounding landscape.


The illustration is scanned in to the computer so any smudges, corrections etc can be cleaned and touched up. Your choice of personalised text in the font your have requested is then added before its digitally printed in black and white on 200gsm acid free, fine grain artists paper. All illustrations are then mounted ready to be framed(if required) and packaged up ready to be sent.

If your interested in purchasing this for a loved one or maybe just for yourself you can click on the link below



Put a ring on it….

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When it comes to popping the question its no longer as simple as saying those four words ‘Will you marry me?’. Nowadays, you know full well everyone will want to know the story behind it – did they get down on one knee? was it somewhere magical? did they do a romantic treasure hunt or was the ring hidden in your dessert at a picnic?

I’m pretty sure the biggest panic there used to be was to pick the perfect ring, now there is all sorts of pressure with how your going to ask the all important question.

Not to fear though, we have a few ideas hidden up our creative sleeves. But shhhh keep these secret…..

Do it like the penguins do. (romantic and cute story to follow I promise)
If you and your partner are beach lovers this could possibly be the one for you. Say it with a pebble…. maybe take them to a little spot where you have strategically placed the personalised stone for them to find.

pebbdeNow for the extra cute bit…..

”Humans give flowers and candy when wooing a lady. Penguins give rocks. Not just any rocks, though — male gentoo penguins search through piles of pebbles to find the smoothest, most perfect ones. When a penguin has selected his pebble, he presents it to his intended companion. If she approves, she puts the stone in her nest and the two are well on their way to becoming mommy and daddy birds. Pebbles are so important to the penguins that males often fight over the prettiest selections.”

PicMonkey CollageAs it happens, we have just the product for such an occasion. Our proposal pebble! These pebbles are not man-made. They are natural stones smoothed flat on river beds and hand engraved and painted to your specifications. You don’t have to have your loved ones name of course, why not put the date instead that you plan to propose on.

say yesIn the comfort of your own home
We have a great selection of personalised prints that are a wonderful way of popping the question. Why not give your ‘fiance to be’ a framed art print with the date that you plan to propose on….. it may even take them a while to realise.

Our story date print…..
05.02.14 – I said Hello  
06.06.15 – We moved in
14.02.17 –  You said YES!

Marry me - date ticket

Personalised woodcut beach print, everyone loves going to the beach and writing their names in the sand. A wonderful proposal you can keep in your home forever.

Marry me - woodcut beach

Those lovable penguins are back again…..
Marry me - woodcut penguins

We love this idea! Hide the proposal in a wordsearch personalised around you! Whether its names, places, or words of love we can put it in this print. Within it is also the words MARRY ME. A wonderfully cute and unique way to ask the all important question.

Marry me - wordsearch

Fill a box full of their favourite things, sweet treats, maybe a bottle of bubbly for when they say ‘yes’, memories you’ve had together, photos….. the list is endless. Just don’t forget to put the ring in there too! personalised with your initials and a special date!


New Year, New Products

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Its a new year so that can usually only mean one thing, the world of social media takes it upon themselves to push the ”New Year, New You!” resolutions, gym memberships and health kicks! We have tried our best here, some of us are on the no sugar or no caffeine diets ie no fun!

We have reached the end of January 2017 with our creative minds in full flow here at LETTERFEST HQ (Mainly to keep ourselves busy and away from the biscuits and left over Christmas chocolates). We are really excited about some of these products and we hope you will be too.


Personalised Botanical Heart Print

Illustrated by Alice, who has a great eye for detail, is this botanical drawing of flowers and foliage surrounding a heart, it was inspired by Alice’s love of tattoo designs.

The monochrome design will look fresh and contemporary on any wall and printed with your names,choice of phrase and date it is perfect for Anniversaries, Weddings or Valentines.


Personalised Feather Print
A gorgeous watercolour illustration of feathers around your chosen phrase in calligraphy. Design available in soft blues, greys or sepia with charcoal text.
Choose from phrases –
You tickle my fancy,
Birds of a feather are together forever,
You make my heart flutter
or just have your names in the calligraphy.


Personalised Geometric Heart Print
 A geometric illustration personalised with your names and special date.
Modern love requires some modern art – update your walls with this on trend graphic illustration this Valentines Day. Choose from monochrome Black and White or softer greys.


Personalised Graphic Initials Print
Celebrate your relationship with this personalised art print, printed with your initials either side of a graphic ampersand.

Further personalised with a date or message if required. Gorgeous geometric design with a modern twist this Valentines.


Personalised Lightening Bolt Print

 Celebrate your relationship with this personalised art print with a graphic lightening bolt, your names and special date.
Printed in a graphic geometric pattern this contemporary print is a modern way to celebrate your love this Valentines Day. Your initials are printed either side of the lightening bolt, with your names and special date below the phrase – “Like a bolt from the blue, I fell in love with you”.

lightening1 will be getting a makeover soon so for now these products are only on Not on the high street so watch this space for newer fancier coming soon!!

Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of….

PicMonkey Collage

We have drawn many incredible buildings and places since Letterfest began. One of the most iconic and memorable is that being New York.

We have drawn them for varying different occasions for customers-  engagements, weddings, holiday destinations or just it being a favourite place.

lllThe Statue of liberty

  • The seven spikes on the crown represent the seven oceans and the seven continents of the world, indicating the universal concept of liberty.
  • Lady Liberty wears a size 879 shoe and a 35-foot waistline
  • Approximately 4m people visit the statue each year. In comparison, over 6m people visit The Eiffel Tower, and 3.5m visit The London Eye.


PicMonkey CollageNew York Botanical Garden

  • A botanical garden and National Historic Landmark located in the Bronx, New York City.
  • As a National Historic Landmark, this 250-acre site’s verdant landscape supports over one million living plants in extensive collections
  • The Garden contains 50 different gardens and plant collections. There is a serene cascade waterfall, as well as wetlands and a forest
  • At the heart of the Garden is the old-growth forest, the largest existing remnant of the original forest which covered all of New York City


888Empire State Building

  • It erected in a lightning fast 11 months.
  • It became the tallest building in New York City again after the collapse of the World Trade Center in 2001. In April 2012 the new One World Trade Center surpassed the Empire State Building in height
  • It has a lightning rod near the top which is struck by lightning around 23 times every year.
  • The building has 103 floors and at roof height is 1250 ft (381 m) tall. The height when including the antenna spire is 1454 ft (443.2 m).


PicMonkey Collage156

 Brooklyn Bridge 

  • It took fourteen years to build the Brooklyn Bridge and required the labour of over 600 men.
  •  It was opened for use on May 24, 1883.
  • The estimated total cost of the construction was $15 million dollars
  • It was the first steel-wire suspension bridge constructed, originally referred to as the New York and Brooklyn Bridge and as the East River Bridge

If you have a favourite place with friends, family or partner it makes a great personal gift to keep those memories forever. You provide the photo and the text you would like to personalise it and we will do the rest. You could have, your local park – the place you first met – Countryside – your favourite family holiday destination – A Beach – Honeymoon – Restaurant – Proposal.

You can place your order on the link below PicMonkey Collage

New letterfest Team member – Chris

We have some new team members here at Letterfest HQ!!!
We thought it was about time we started to introduce them….

MEET CHRIS  -Illustrator
Chris has now been here a couple of months, he started just before Christmas helping us out at our busiest time of year. (what a life saver)!  We are so happy to now have him as a permanent illustrator at Letterfest.
He also was joint winner in ‘The Great British Letterfest office Christmas Bake off!’ (yes it was a real thing, read our previous blog…)


He has been working on his own drawings for many years so he really has perfected his talent over time. Chris has his own website and blog so you should definitely head over to take a look at some of his awesome work! (see some examples below)

PicMonkey Collage

Chris has been helping to draw everything here, from wedding venue portraits to favourite place Illustrations to our bespoke pet portraits.
We are pleased to let you know he will also be the super talent behind our new people portraits. So watch this space for more on that……


A few words from the man himself…..

What’s your role in Letterfest? - Illustrator

How did you start your career? Drawing cartoons about 12 years ago

What have been the highs of your career (so far!) - Getting to draw all day every day for a living, and getting tweeted by RuPaul calling my drawing ‘Gorge’!

What or who inspires you? I’m inspired a lot by fashion and other artists.

What do you most enjoy about working in Letterfest? The great people and bake offs.

What is your favourite Letterfest product? Detailed house portrait

PicMonkey Collage

Detailed Illustration – from £70

What are your goals for the next year? Start a degree in illustration.

Last holiday - New York

PicMonkey Collage
Last present you bought -
lots at Christmas.

Last present you were given - Colouring pencils.

Last film that you saw - Rogue One

Last book you read - Digital Fortress – Dan Brown

The Great British Letterfest office Christmas Bake off

What does any super busy office do at their busiest time of year?! Have a bake off!
Yes that’s not a joke, we really did think it was a good idea at the time….

PicMonkey Image
It started with a harmless comment by Wendy and Tom about the best mince pie recipes and before we new it, James had created it into a competition…. so we were put into pairs to compete against each other –
Alice and B
Wendy and Chris
Chris and Tom J
Charlie and Mills
Wendy and Tom

The only rules being we couldn’t tell each other what we made (to make it fair with the voting) and it had to be Christmas themed…..

Our pairs had a set day of the week to bake (we couldn’t bring them in all on one day- even for the LF team that’s too much to try and eat)

Tom J made Fudge, Mills made chocolate Yule Log (with gold glitter) Charlie -Ginger Truffles, Tom- mince pies Chris- Ginger cake, Wendy- mince pies, Alice – Sausage rolls (extra points for making cheese ones for the vegetarians), B- Spiced Christmas cake.


And no soggy bottoms in sight! Mary Berry ain’t got nothing on us!

After anonymous voting the semi finalists were Chris and Wendy (yes we had a semi final round, we took it that seriously).

For the final, Wendy and Chris both upped their bake off game, we had mini cups of trifles from Wendy and apple cake from Chris. It was so so tough to choose a winner but in the end the votes made it a draw!!

You’d think we would all be sick of cakes and sweet treats, especially after Christmas, but believe it or not we are already thinking about the next one…..

Its that Black Friday time of year again

black friday deal letterfest

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Letterfest Cardboard Paint Your Own Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Craft Kit 20% off at this black Friday

Make November 24th a personalised black friday with these exciting black friday offers.
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Christmas Gift Guide – For Her

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 Wife, Girlfriend, Fiancé, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Nan, Grandma, Friend, Godmother, God-daughter, Auntie, Niece, Cousin, step mother, neighbour, secretary, teacher …… (I could go on but we might be hear all day).
All of us know at least one lady that would love a thoughtful gift at Christmas time. So we decided to help the choosing what to buy a little easier by compiling together a list of our top personalised gifts for ‘her’. Designed to suit any budget.



 Bespoke Cat Portrait

A bespoke sketch of your cat based on a photograph provided by you, including the cat’s name or personal message below.
The puuuuurfect gift for any cat lover (sorry that had to be done)
We also offer pet portraits so if its a dog, horse, hamster or llama that’s the pet of choice, this makes a great personal gift.


Family Keepsake Album

Beautiful handmade photograph album, perfect as a family keepsake or Mother’s Day gift.

A personal way to display your special memories – we customise using the names of your family to make up a shape (either heart, house or star) with a central message (such as Happy Mother’s Day Mum) highlighted in the centre.


PicMonkey Collage

Doily Gift Box

A gorgeous cardboard gift box printed with different doily designs and your choice of text.
Perfect as a keepsake box or to make a gift extra special. Available in 2 finishes – Kraft Natural Box and white print


Watercolour Heart Trio Print

A stunning print of three watercolour hearts in subtle greys and charcoals with the words “You complete me” in gorgeous calligraphy.
Beneath the trio of painted hearts is printed your choice of text eg: a message, names and a date.


Geometric House Illustration

A bespoke illustration of your house based on a photograph provided by you, hand drawn and printed with a geometric background.
This stunning, contemporary house portrait is hand drawn and has graphic black linework to illustrate the building with a printed geometric background in duck-egg, grey and lemon.

Christmas Gift Guide – For Them

PicMonkey Image

 Families and couples are often a challenge to buy for at the best of times as they usually have most things that they need or want. Luckily for you, we have put together some fabulous (not biased!) gifts below to save you from treks to John Lewis in the busy Christmas shopping madness! A collection of pressies to find them the perfect something they didn’t even know they wanted.

PicMonkey Collage

Watercolour House Line Drawing – (for the trendy first time buyers?!)

A beautiful hand-drawn line illustration based on your photo – a family house, holiday home or a wedding or Christening venue.

The black line drawing is printed in front of a graphic watercolour splash in a choice of 5 colours – yellow, red, teal, blue, or purple. Further personalised with a printed message in a hand painted typeface with a smaller message below.


Watercolour Family Tree Print – (for the minimalist family?!)

personalised Family Tree with gorgeous handwritten type filled with subtle charcoal watercolour for a soft hand painted look.
We can show up to 5 generations of your family – from Grandparents, Parents, Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. However if you don’t require a section, just don’t enter anything on the form and we will exclude. A special keepsake for all the family, the design is finished with little flourishes of hand drawn leaves, and filled with soft watercolour in greys and charcoals.

PicMonkey Collage

Story Of Our Pets Illustration – (for the animal lovers?!)

A bespoke sketch of your pet based on a photograph provided by you, including the pet’s name or personal message below. The pets are handrawn in a black and white outline and printed on a choice of three backgrounds – duck egg blue, sage green or sandstone.


Typographic Story Of Us Print – (for the fairytale family?!)

Tell your story in this gorgeous typographic print using hand drawn fonts – the perfect gift this Christmas.
The story begins with “once upon a time” and your names (girl on left, boy on right, or specify your gender). The first event is when and where you first met or had your first date. Then 3 favourite places you’ve visited, your home address, and whether you are married, engaged or living together. We include the names and birth dates of your children and some favourite things you love.


Bespoke Family Portrait  (for the camera ready family?!)

A beautiful black and white portrait based on a photograph provided by you, capturing that special moment in a unique pencil sketch style.
To guarantee complete accuracy we now use bespoke filters on the computer to turn your treasured photo into a pencil sketch style portrait.


Personalised Wooden Coat Hook – (for the practicals?!)

A vintage style wooden coat rack personalised with your choice of text.
Inspired by vintage wooden crates and letterpress typography, this wooden coat rack is a perfect addition to any family home.


Graphic Family Tree Cushion – (for those that mix style with comfort – and love a good scatter cushion)

The names of your family printed in calligraphy on the leaves of your family tree, printed on a faux suede cushion.
Printed with a watercolour splash background in greys and charcoals, with a solid charcoal reverse. If you have a smaller family fill up the other leaves with words, pets or your address, if you have a larger family put more than one person on each leaf.

Christmas Gift Guide – For Him

Xmas - for him

Its that time of year again where buying for your other half, brother, father or son becomes increasingly harder. There is only so many times they can have a pair of Mr Happy socks or a Lynx shower gift set.
We’ve got a list of unique personalised gifts that makes that Xmas gift buying a little easier for you…..

sport firstSport First Personalised Print
For anyone who puts sport first, and work second! A perfect personalised print this father’s day. We print what sport they like eg: cycling, golf, football, ruby, running, sailing… whatever you like. It will be printed Golf first – work last!


 Personalised Wooden Beer Holder

A great gift for beer lovers – a personalised charcoal crate printed with your choice of text.
This handy wooden crate is stained a contemporary charcoal and can carry up to 4 bottles of beer with a handy wooden handle (sorry – bottles of beer not included!)


Personalised Selfie Print

Be Instagram ready! A graphic print of your favourite selfie photograph with handpainted type.
Send us your favourite photo and we’ll make this stunning graphic print. It will printed black and white with a grainy texture to the image on either a choice of 4 vivid colours or white.


Personalised Favourite Place Illustration

A beautiful sketch of your favourite spot based on a photo provided by you, hand drawn by artists working in North Devon.
A perfect memento of a trip, honeymoon or special memory. The drawing style is clean and contemporary with the sky and surroundings picked out in a range of colours.


Father’s Day Keepsake Gift Box

A gorgeous cardboard gift box printed with hand drawn type all about your Dad.
Available in 2 colour ways – Black on Kraft card, or silver on matt white – and 2 sizes.
Tell the story of your Dad on this gorgeous box – it can make that gift extra special, or be a keepsake in itself for storing Dad’s bits and bobs.

PicMonkey Collage

 Hexagonal Engraved Chilli Pot

Grow your own chillis in a personalised engraved terracotta plant pot.
Engraved with a name and Demon Hot Chilli’s. Choice of three shapes and get the option to include a packet of Demon Hot Chilli Seeds. Red Demon are attractive dwarf plants ideal for edible and ornamental use – they have a powerful taste and are suitable for sowing indoors in containers.

Jigsaw Junkies

Letterfest HQ has recently become the location for puzzling! Our studio table has become the home of ‘naughty kittens’. (not actual real kittens, just a jigsaw version of them).


It all started when Wendy spent some time chill-axing with Bob on holiday with a jigsaw puzzle and became addicted….


They have now spread their addiction to the Letterfest Team. Its taking us a while (doing the odd piece now and again or on lunch breaks). A very therapeutic bit of fun in the calm before the storm that is Christmas….. Yes I did say the ‘C’ word!


Wendy, Bob and with the odd bit of ‘help’ from Travis have finished the most recent ‘underwater fish’. So that will be our next mission. I’m sure you’ll be on the edge of your seats waiting on our progress ;)



We Won!!!

We are so so happy about winning
Product of the year – children’s category
in the 2016 Make awards.

PicMonkey Collage

This year our Personalised Daddy and Me book was nominated for children’s product of the year and we are so chuffed that we won.

Product of the year

This is the second personalised children’s book we created and we were so pleased it was such a hit. Tom was the super talent behind the illustrations of the book and Wendy came up with the story and the design. It took months of creative designing/planning/brainstorming/illustrating to create the perfect tale so its great that all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears put into it has been recognised.


Daddy and me sketches

If you want to read more about Tom or how the making of our books you can click on the links below
The making of our personalised books
Our very talented Tom

make awards

A very tearful Wendy accepting our award

What are the make awards about?
(in NOTHS words) The annual celebration of brilliance! A search to find (and salute) the next bunch of talented Partners; those who do creativity, originality and ingenuity better than anyone else.
These awards – selected by our panel of judges – recognise great business strategy, strong growth, clear innovation and impressive originality.
Its to reward the very best ‘wow’ products; the most unique, innovative and inspiring of ideas.


The beginnings of the book….

This year’s judging panel is made up of industry experts and key figures at

Simon Belsham – CEO of Not on the high street
Holly Tucker – founder and chief inspirator of Not on the high street
Sophie cornish – Founder and NED of not on the high street
Ben Spriggs – deputy editor of Elle decoration
Matthew Caines- editor of Telegraph connect

The awards were hosted at the Sky Garden Tower in London, Its a pretty incredible building with a fantastic view of the city.

sky garden


Make awards

It was great evening with lots of other very worthy winners. It was really nice to be in the company of fellow NOTHS partners, catch up, share advice and have a good old gossip!

Tom, Wendy and Bob

Tom, Wendy and Bob with our award!

Our latest addition to our perosnalised books is the ‘Personalised First Christmas Storybook’. A beautifully illustrated children’s book, capturing the excitement of your child’s first ever Christmas. Its available now and exclusive to Not On The High Street so head on over to take a look.

Personalised First Christmas Storybook

Personalised North Pole Adventure Book

Personalised Eggcellent Adventure Book

Personalised Daddy And Me Book

Tom and Wendy are working hard on a new book as we speak…. ‘Mummy and me’… so watch this space. It’ll be out in the new year…

Happy Dad’s Day!

Father_Day  Its hard to come up with a new fathers day gift that isn’t another pair of socks, which is where Letterfest comes in! We have some great ideas for fathers day gifts whatever he’s into and whatever your budget. Have a flick through at some of our favourites or head on over to

Charcoal Typographic Desk Tidy

Desk Tidy

A wooden box stained a contemporary charcoal grey colour, printed with your choice of text. This wooden desk tidy is a great addition to any office or home – perfect for keeping those bits and bobs that clutter up the modern workspace. The design uses stylish shadowed text and is a perfect gift this Father’s Day.

Bespoke Father and Child Portrait

Father's Day PortraitA beautiful black and white portrait based on a photograph provided by you, capturing that special moment in a unique illustration. We can also print names, date or a message underneath the illustration in a handwriting style.


Personalised Tweed Kindle Or iPad Cover

Tweed KindleKeep your kindle or ipad protected and stylish in this personalised, tweed cover inspired by Saville Row Tailoring. Choose from 3 different tweeds – green check, brown herringbone, grey herringbone. Fastened with a wooden duffel coat style button.


The Story Of My Cars Illustration

Story of my cars illustrationA bespoke illustration based on the cars you’ve had, or the ones you want! We can draw camper vans, boats, motorbikes – its up to you! The price includes 3 cars, but we can add more and print on larger paper if you need us to. Perhaps start with your first car and finish on the Porsche you are driving now (!). Or maybe its vintage cars you love, or old family cars with special memories.


Sporting Achievement Typographic Print


Celebrate your sporting achievements with this typographic print highlighting the time of your success. A great keepsake to celebrate your sporting greatness – whether it be a marathon, triathlon, swimming, sailing or cycling!


Personalised Dad’s Star Slate

personalised dad slate

A perfect present for Dad to celebrate Christmas, Birthdays, Father’s Day, or just because.A slate stone tile engraved by hand to your requirements. We can engrave DAD, DADDY, GRANDAD (or a name), then a star, or heart, then who the slate is from.

You Are Epic Personalised Card


Tell that special someone they are Epic with this striking typographic card, perfect for Fathers Day. Have your chosen name, then YOU ARE EPIC, then who the card is from. Printed with vintage letterpress style type in red and black.

Fathers day1

Happy Birthday!!

Some of you may not know but celebrates its 10th Birthday in April. Letterfest has been selling on for the past 8 years so its great that we can celebrate such an exciting milestone with them and be part of that journey.


As part of their celebration some select partners were asked to come up with a limited addition product to be featured in their iconic site collection.

We put our heads together at Letterfest HQ to come up with our Double House Illustration with a twist. Our hand drawn line illustrations on a watercolour background. This will be the first time NOTHS have launched a limited edition collection and we are very excited to be involved!


PicMonkey Collage

 NOTHS sent us a party in a box to help them celebrate their 10th birthday with them. Not going to lie, we were a little bit excited to get it!


goodies-blogWe cant wait to bake and try out the cake! James and Alice are already getting in with the party spirit!

Alice and James-blog

As a thank you to all of NOTHS Partners for contributing to their success over the last ten years, and also to their and our customers for shopping with us throughout this time, NOTHS are running a birthday promotional offer. Just use BDAY10 at checkout for 10% off!

Here’s to many more successful years NOTHS! Happy Birthday!





Written in the stars!


After the success of the ‘Man on the Moon’ advert for John Lewis, that quirky keyboard player from D:Ream (Prof Brian Cox for the uneducated Tops of the Pops fans) and finally having a Brit in Space, Astrology is a huge mover in the trends of 2016. Astrology, Star Signs and Space are all making a flying comeback, hopefully, we may even get Mystic Meg out of retirement!


Forever the trend setters, we created a hugely successful series of ‘STAR’ Prints last year, and this year we have added a few more to the ever expanding universe of Letterfest Art Prints. So whoever it is you ‘love to the moon and back’ or is the ‘star in your life’, take a peak at the Art Prints section, and make someone feel like the centre of your universe.

Vintage home decor


Vintage home decor



Corporate Illustrations

Calling all Estate Agents, Schools or anyone that needs our wonderful illustrations drawn on mass, Letterfest needs you…or you need us!

Corporate_IllustrationWe have recently been commissioned to create bespoke orders for groups of schools, offices and for clients with numerous properties. Above is a series of illustrations the wonderful Tom created, and I’m sure you’ll agree, eye catching as ever. We of course, offer comprehensive discounts on large orders, and are always open to creating a original and inspiring product for each and every client. If you have any needs, we are sure we can answer them, so please drop us an email or phone call for a quote.